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Copy MGC fake diploma certificate from USAWhere to buy MGC fake diploma, buy MGC fake degree, buy MGC fake transcript, buy MGC fake certificate, buy MGC fake document, buy MGC fake diploma and transcript.  Middle Georgia College dates back to the establishment of New Ebenezer College, which occupied the site of the current Cochran campus of Middle Georgia State University and was established in 1884 by the New Ebenezer Baptist Association. The association was composed largely of Baptist churches in Pulaski, Dodge, Laurens, and Telfair counties. The first building on the campus was completed in 1886, and classes were first held in 1887 with approximately 100 students. During the early period, the institution was divided into preparatory and collegiate departments. A stated purpose of the curriculum, as described in the catalog of 1887, was “to prepare pupils for business or for the Junior Class in Universities. This includes Latin, Greek, Mathematics, Natural Science and several modern languages, with English studies and Music.” The New Ebenezer Baptist Association discontinued their financial support for their namesake college in 1898, forcing the school to close its doors. How to buy MGC cheap and safe fake diploma, buy MGC cheap and safe fake degree, buy MGC cheap and safe fake transcript, buy MGC cheap and safe fake document, buy MGC cheap and safe fake diploma and transcript. The college’s building served as a high school for the city of Cochran until 1913, when the high school moved. No documentation exists regarding the facilities from 1913-1919, leading to the presumption that it was unoccupied during that time. In 1919, the Georgia State College of Agricultural and Mechanic Arts (a division of the University of Georgia) opened a branch dedicated to serving the needs of the Twelfth congressional district in the building formerly used by New Ebenezer College. In 1927, the school’s name was changed to Middle Georgia Agricultural and Mechanical Junior College, though it remained a branch of the state agricultural school. In 1929, the school’s name was changed to Middle Georgia College and responsibility for its operation was given to a nine-person board of trustees.