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How to buy EKU fake diploma certificate onlineWhere to buy EKU fake diploma, buy EKU fake degree, buy EKU fake transcript, buy EKU fake document, buy EKU fake diploma and transcriptCentral University was founded in 1874 on the present site of Eastern Kentucky University. In 1901, beset with financial difficulties and small enrollment, Central University agreed to consolidation with Centre College. The Kentucky General Assembly of 1906 enacted legislation establishing the Eastern Kentucky State Normal School No. 1. The legislation was signed into law by the governor on March 21, 1906. On May 7, 1906, the Normal SchoolCommission selected the site of the former Central University campus to be the location of the new school. In 1922 it became a four-year institution and changed its name to the Eastern Kentucky State Normal School and Teachers College, awarding its first degrees under that name in 1925. The school received accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 1928; then, two years later, in 1930, it changed its name again to the Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College. Eastern added graduate studies in 1935, and thirteen years later, in 1948, the General Assembly removed the word “Teachers” from the school’s name and granted it the right to award nonprofessional degrees. It was not until 1966 that the school was officially renamed Eastern Kentucky University. In 2010, the university awarded its first doctoral degree—in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. EKU continues to serve its service region by offering adult degree completion options and online degree programs in addition to its traditional on-campus offerings. How to buy EKU cheap and safe fake diploma, buy EKU cheap and safe fake degree, buy EKU cheap and safe fake transcript, buy EKU cheap and safe fake document, buy EKU cheap and safe fake diploma and transcript. The years since 2012 have been marked by a significant building campaign that has altered the campus layout and improved aesthetics. Funding for the multimillion-dollar project has relied heavily on public-private partnerships (P3) under the leadership of current President Michael T. Benson. The recent construction efforts at the university mark the most significant period of campus facility development since President Robert R. Martin’s tenure in the 1960s.