How to get a master’s degree in a week?


With the gradual acceleration of social rhythms and the increasing frequency of global exchanges, the entry barriers for talents in the job market are also increasing. Many well-known companies have regarded master’s degrees as one of the hard conditions for employees. However, due to the different understanding of the concept of master’s degree at home and abroad, the length of master’s degree system in different regions is also different. The academic system is also related to the money, time and energy spent on studying for a master’s degree. Therefore, the time cost of studying for a master’s degree has become a major consideration for students to choose a school area.

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So why are graduate degrees in American universities more attractive?

From the perspective of expenditure, British colleges have higher tuition fees and higher living costs, so the consideration of money makes many students tend to choose Hong Kong universities.In terms of access conditions, applicants for UK universities must meet the visa requirements in addition to the admission criteria. The admission and visa procedures are very cumbersome. Students and parents are not only required to apply for performance certification, diploma translation and other materials, but also need to meet the deposit requirements. The procedures in Hong Kong are relatively simple, so the cumbersome procedures in the UK have made them discouraged and have chosen to study in the United States.