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Purchase AUT fake diploma certificate from New ZealandWhere to buy AUT fake diploma, buy AUT fake degree, buy AUT fake transcript, buy AUT fake certificate, buy AUT fake document, buy AUT fake diploma and transcript. Auckland University of Technology (AUT) (Māori: Te Wānanga Aronui o Tāmaki Makau Rau) is a university in New Zealand, formed on 1 January 2000 when a former technical college (originally established in 1895) was granted university status. It has five faculties across three campuses in Auckland: City, North, and South campuses, and an additional three specialist locations: AUT Millennium, Warkworth Radio Astronomical Observatory and AUT Centre for Refugee Education. How to buy AUT cheap and safe fake diploma, buy AUT cheap and safe fake degree, buy AUT cheap and safe fake transcript, buy AUT cheap and safe fake document, buy AUT cheap and safe fake diploma and transcript. AUT enrolled more than 29,000 students in 2016 16 including 4,194 international students from 94 countries[1]:20 and 2,417 postgraduate students.[1]:19 AUT’s student population is diverse with a range of ethnic backgrounds including New Zealand European, Asian, Maori and Pasifika. 20 Students also represent a wide age range with 22% being aged 25–39 years and 10% being 40 or older. Data suggests that 86% of AUT’s graduates are employed full-time within nine months of graduating.[3]:35 In the 2019 World University Rankings, AUT was ranked as 301-350.AUT was founded as Auckland Technical School in 1895, offering evening classes only. Daytime classes began in 1906 and its name was changed to Auckland Technical College. In 1913 it was renamed Seddon Memorial Technical College. In the early 1960s educational reforms resulted in the separation of secondary and tertiary teaching; two educational establishments were formed; the tertiary (polytechnic) adopting the name Auckland Technical Institute (ATI) in 1963 and the secondary school continuing with the same name. For three years they co-existed on the same site, but by 1964 the secondary school had moved to a new site in Western Springs and eventually became Western Springs College. In 1989 ATI became Auckland Institute of Technology (AIT), and the current name was adopted when university status was granted in 2000.