UFOs And Science: The Trick That Was The Condon (University Of Colorado) Investigation And Report


Why do scientists often be put off by more active contemplation on the UFO extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) issue?
A whole compilation of UFOs were reported in various localities in Michigan in March 1966. They (the reports) received a lot of press coverage, along with the public wanted answers. The USAF had to provide them, and Hynek was their bunny that needed to front and centre. Totally unprepared on really short notice to ‘please explain’, the one possible prosaic explanation that popped into Hynek’s mind was ‘swamp gas’, and asserted was a better solution with a widely attended press conference. That really generated media coverage as the witnesses concerned just can’t and wouldn’t accept this kind of glib reason for what had been seen over many nights by many people.
That ‘swamp gas’ episode would be a turning point for now the USAF UFO Project Bluebook investigation was transforming into a real publicity disaster. The more the Air Force attemptedto downgrade the issue, greater people smelled whitewash. Since the USAF knew the UFOs weren’t a national security issue – no alien invasion had resulted after 2 decades – it was time to exit gracefully from any involvement regarding the UFO issue. The question was how to accomplish that in a apparently open and in the population eye manner. Well, the totally independent study by an established university headed with a recognized and respected scientist (at least someone recognized and respected from the scientific community – most scientists don’t often be household names).
So, to be able to generate qualified, independent experts, restore credibility (and obtain grounds to get out of the UFO business) the USAF looked to numerous credible universities to complete an impartial study, all to no avail. Universities didn’t require the government’s money that badly as well because the negative image UFOs provides. Except one finally, and that expression appealing was the University of Colorado, and respected physicist Edward U. Condon, to head they that will investigate the UFO issue.
And in order that it found pass the military (USAF) finally contracted the University of Colorado (and Edward U. Condon) to conduct a study that would allow them to have a graceful from the UFO business, since by that time national security via-a-vis any terrestrial foreign power had no credibility.
Unfortunately, Dr. Condon, as head with the independent investigation, ultimately turned out to be more a liability than an asset. Staffers uncovered a memo by his higher echelon administrator that strongly suggested which he (Condon) had already made his mind up before the formal and serious study began, that suggested UFOs were a non-issue understanding that they somehow had to ‘trick’ the population into convinced that they were going to do a real study, when in reality they all knew they were just wasting their time, but marking time, collecting the government’s money, thanks.
That lower echelon staff uncovered, hence leaked that ‘trick’ memo demonstrated that Condon, despite as a scientist, stood a closed mind about the subject. That produced such dissention in the ranks, with resultant media publicity, that the internal politics nearly shattered any credibility towards the investigation, as if it had any inside the first place. Some members quit and offered scathing rebuttals on the inner (office politics) workings in the University of Colorado study.
And true to form, the ultimate report apparently dumped poo around the UFO subject, or at best the introductory / summary chapter compiled by Condon himself dumped poo about it. However, his summary was something his staff never saw prior to the report was published. His staff had actually uncovered something sweeter smelling that poo
Now Condon was clearly 100% anti-UFO ahead of the study even began, but any read in the lengthy actual report relative to Condon’s summary (just what the press, etc. took note for being short and for the new) – well Condon said there was clearly nothing towards the UFO ETH; however the actual report compiled by his staff couldn’t explain over 30% in the cases it studied.
Now when you issue a 1000+ page report to the press, journalists that have deadlines to fulfill, all they’ve time for would be to comprehend the summary and write their articles according to what that summary says. What that summary said is that there is not any meat on the bone; the USAF should stop wasting time on the subject – which can be exactly what are the USAF desired to hear – and bail out from this PR nightmare. Subject closed. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite come out like that.
What you will discover within the non-Condon written bulk from the University of Colorado report is that UFO case after UFO case (well about 30% of UFO cases in reality) were unexplainable. How Condon could say that you’ll find nothing towards the UFO subject in their summary, while his team suggested that 30% of UFO reports they investigated was certainly not ‘nothing’, remains a perplexing historical anomaly.